Efficient 2019 – The 10th IWA Specialist Conference on Efficient Urban Water Management

Local Organizer: Metro Pacific Water (MPW), Maynilad Water Services, Inc.
Community Organizer:

Urban water professionals are facing unprecedented pressures. Customers demand ever-higher standards of water and sanitation services, regulators impose stricter directives, and shareholders seek better returns from massive infrastructure investments. On top of that, ecological pressures compel water managers to prioritize adaptability and sustainability. Faced with increasingly complex challenges, how can urban water and wastewater professionals continue to ensure efficiency?

In its continuous search for solutions, the International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Group for Efficient Urban Water Management will bring the 10th biennial IWA Efficient Conference to Manila, Philippines. Efficient 2019 is hosted by two of the leading urban water companies in the Philippines: Metro Pacific Water and Maynilad Water Services.

On 13-16 January 2019, the conference will bring together a high-caliber pool of urban water and wastewater professionals to reflect on shared challenges and promote efficient solutions. A simultaneous exhibition will feature some of the most innovative technologies from around the world.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Mary Ann Dickinson
United States Of America
Bruno Nguyen
Francisco Cubillo
Roland Liemberger
Stuart White
Bambos Charalampous
Dora Gamboa
Aaron Burton
United Kingdom
Wong Wai Cheng
Ricardo Cobacho
Mai Flor