4th IWA Specialized International Conference – Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment

Local Organizer: Western University, Water Environment Federation (WEF)
  • Wastewater treatment
  • eco-technologies
  • resource recovery
  • water reuse
  • modelling
  • integrated assessments

Following three successful IWA Specialized International Conferences on “Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (ecoSTP)” in Spain (2012), Italy (2014) and the United Kingdom (2016), we are pleased to announce the 4th ecoSTP conference (IWA ecoSTP18) to be held in London, Ontario, Canada.
The goal of this conference is to facilitate the efficient transfer of knowledge into practice – removing roadblocks between scientific discoveries and commercial implementation, essentially bridging the “valley-of-death” in the innovation cycle.
In cooperation with Western University and Water Environment Federation (WEF), the IWA ecoSTP18 Conference aims to attract a global audience with representation by technology providers, consulting engineering firms, academia, and utilities.
IWA ecoSTP18 will promote discussion and exchange of ideas through a combination of pre-conference workshops and network-centered conference sessions. A number of panels coordinated by visionary leaders will discuss the role of transformative technologies for wastewater treatment.


    Programme Committee

    Name Affiliation Country
    Ted Mao (Chair)
    Trojan Technologies Canada
    Domenico Santoro (Co- Chair)
    Trojan Technologies and Western University Canada
    George Nakhla (Co- Chair)
    Western University Canada
    Damien Batstone
    University of Queensland Australia
    Stewart Burn
    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Australia
    Zhiguo Yuan
    University of Queensland Australia
    Wenjun Sun
    Tsinghua University China
    Yi Chen
    Chongqing University China
    Cecilia Caretti
    University of Florence Italy
    Franceso Fatone
    University of Verona Italy
    Andrea Turolla
    Politecnico di Milano Italy
    Manuela Antonelli
    Politecnico di Milano Italy
    Maria Concetta Tomei
    National Research Council Italy
    Juan Lema
    University of Santiago de Compostela Spain
    Ana Soares
    Cranfield University United Kingdom
    Mark Scrimshaw
    Brunel University United Kingdom
    Ong Say-Leong
    National University of Singapore Singapore
    Mark van Loosdrecht
    Delft University of Technology Netherlands
    Katherine Bell
    MWH/Stantec United States Of America
    Art Umble
    MWH/Stantec United States Of America
    Glen Daigger
    University of Michigan United States Of America
    Krishna Pagilla
    University of Nevada United States Of America
    Cliff Randall
    Virginia Tech United States Of America
    April Gu
    Northeastern University United States Of America
    Sudhir Murthy
    DC Water United States Of America
    Diego Rosso
    University of California United States Of America
    Linda Tseng
    Colgate University United States Of America
    Fabrizio Sabba
    Nuvodaus United States Of America
    Jan Oleszkiewicz
    University of Manitoba Canada
    George Nakhla
    Western University Canada
    Dominic Frigon
    McGill University Canada
    Elsayed Elbeshbishy
    Ryerson University Canada
    Peter Vanrolleghem
    Laval University Canada
    Ronnie Gehr
    McGill University Canada
    Leiv Rieger
    inCTRL Solutions Canada
    Hisham Hafez,
    Greenfield Specialty Alcohols Canada
    Wayne Parker
    University of Waterloo Canada
    Ron Hofmann
    University of Toronto Canada
    Don Hoekstra
    Ontario Clean Water Agency Canada
    Jeff Carmichael,
    Metro Vancouver Canada
    Yves Comeau
    Ecole Polytechnique Canada