8th IWA Water Resource Recovery Modelling Seminar

Community Organizer:


  • Activated sludge (traditional and MBR) and biofilm processes (including MBBR and IFAS)
  • Advances in sludge treatment and managements of solids
  • Resource recovery (water-reuse, nutrients recovery, energy saving, other value-added products)
  • Separation processes (including clarifier and flotation)
  • Aquatic chemistry, emerging micropollutants of concern
  • Uncertainty, calibration, validation of WRRF models
  • Integrated WRRF Modelling and system-wide Evaluations
  • Impact of climate change and climate resilient WRRFs
  • Data-driven modelling and digital twins
  • Advances in WRRF process design, operation and control

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Giacomo Bellandi
AM Team Italy
Patrick Dunlap
Black and Veatch United States Of America
Jose Jimenez
Brown and Caldwell United States Of America
Tamara Fernández-Arévalo
CEIT Spain
Marc-André Labelle
Centre des Techn. de l'Eau Canada
Dawei Yu
Chinese Acad of Sciences China
Adrienne Menniti
Clean Water Services United States Of America
Haydee De Clippeleir
DC Water United States Of America
Mark van Loosdrecht
Delft University Netherlands
Enrico Remigi
DHI Denmark
Krist V. Gernaey
DTU Denmark
Hélène Hauduc
Imre Takacs
Elena Torfs
Ghent University Belgium
Kimberly Solon
Ghent University Belgium
Eveline Volcke
Ghent University Belgium
Ingmar Nopens
Ghent University Belgium
Spencer Snowling
Hatch Canada
Rajeev Goel
Hatch United States Of America
JB Neethling
HDR United States Of America
Jean-Philippe Steyer
INRA- LBE France
Ahlem Filali
Güçlü Insel
Istanbul Techn. University Turkey
Bruce Johnson
Jacobs United States Of America
Heather Stewart
Jacobs United States Of America
Sovanna Tik
Laval University Canada
Ulf Jeppsson
Lund University Sweden
Seshagiri Rao Ambati
NIT Warangal India
Andrea Turolla
Polimi Italy
Yves Comeau
Polytechnique Montreal Canada
John Copp
Primodal United States Of America
Yongmei Li
Tongji University China
Eustina Musvoto
Trusense South Africa
Yanchen Liu
Tsinghua University China
Matthew Wade
UK Govt. United Kingdom
Barbara Brouckaert
UKZN South Africa
Denis Dochain
University Catholique de Louvain Belgium
Joaquim Comas
Univ de Girona Spain
Benedek Plosz
University of Bath United Kingdom
University of Duesto Spain
Vicky Ruano García
University of Valencia Spain
Albert Guisasola
University of Barcelona Spain
Diego Rosso
University of Carlifornia United States Of America
Riccardo Gori
University of Florence Italy
Giorgio Mannina
University of Palermo Italy
Kim Helleshøj Sørensen
Veolia France
Lorenzo Benedetti
Waterways Croatia