6th IWA YWP México 2022

Local Organizer: Universidad Tecnológica de Culiacán
Community Organizer:

The 6TH IWA-YWP Mexico 2022 is a forum in which young researchers and professionals that work in multiple and different topics of water sector, could present their works, meet their colleges and interact with stablished researchers, as well as with members of the advisory and governmental sector associated with the water sector.

Since Sinaloa is an agricultural region with a high level of water stress, the main topic to be addressed in the keynote speeches and roundtables is water in agriculture. Water resources are vital for planting agricultural products, which is why it is directly related to the goals of the sustainable development goals such as: End poverty, Zero Hunger, Health and wellbeing, Clear water and Sanitation, among others. In addition, agricultural practices generate wastewater containing agrochemicals, so there will be lectures on the treatment of wastewater containing recalcitrant compounds, such as pesticides.

Other topics as the importance of water and covid, the impact of agricultural activities on climate change, droughts and the importance of waste water treatment and reuse will also be discussed. In this Congress there will be the opportunity to hold workshops on topics such as How to design a poster, How to write a scientific and divulgation article, and other topics of great interest and topicality for the scientific community, access to oral and poster presentations.

Since it is a virtual congress, there will be the opportunity to interact with the authors of the posters by means of surveys, questions and comments through the web page. There will also be social events, such as reading clubs, chess, singing, physical activation, or playing a musical instrument (You can propose an activity) , in which you can share your experiences with young researchers who, in addition to working on water issues, have the same affinity in their free time.


Your task in this Congress will be to make contact with at least one working group other than your own. On the other hand, a report will be generated with the full papers published at the congress. The best papers will be published in a special edition of UTCiencia Magazine of the Universidad Tecnológica de Culiacán (UTC). For all of the above, the 6TH IWA YWP MEXICO 2022 and its affordable rates, is your best option for this year 2022.


  • Recalcitrant Organic Compounds Treatment

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Dr. Francisco Cervantes Carrillo
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico
Dr. Elías Razo Flores
Dr. Germán Buitrón
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico
Dra. Petia Mijaylova
Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua Mexico
Dr. Juan Enrique Ruíz Espinoza
UADY (Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán) Mexico
Dr. Julio Orantes
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo Mexico
Dr. Francisco Javier Almendariz Tapia
UNISON (Universidad de Sonora) Mexico
Dr. Jorge Carlos Rios hurtado
UadeC (Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila) Mexico
Dr. Germán Cuevas
UdeGto (Universidad de Guanajuato) Mexico
Dr. Oscar Monrroy
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Mexico
Dra. Mariana Villada
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Mexico