Joint Conference: 6th International Conference on Economics, Statistics and Finance and 10th Leading Edge Conference for Strategic Asset Management (LESAM)

Local Organizer: Neapolis University Pafos
Community Organizer:

The collaborative conferences organized by the IWA Specialist Group on Statistics & Economics and the IWA Specialist Group on Strategic Asset Management offer industry professionals a unique platform to engage in discussions on utility management topics such as financing, performance measurement, water tariff structures, microeconomics analysis, and efficiency management. These events also focus on promoting innovative approaches to Strategic Asset Management, supporting development efforts in emerging regions, involving young water professionals, and sharing best practices in infrastructure asset management. By bringing together experts to exchange insights, strategies, and trends shaping the water sector, these conferences play a crucial role in advancing the industry as a whole and enhancing the performance and sustainability of water utilities.

With a shared Organizing Committee and separate Scientific and Program Committees for each conference, these parallel events aim to advance knowledge, collaboration, and best practices in the water sector.