3rd IWA Disinfection and Disinfection By-Products Conference

Community Organizer:

The Disinfection and Disinfection By-Products conference is the international event promoted by IWA Disinfection Specialist Group related to disinfection, disinfection by-products and related topics. The conference stands as a relevant and well-recognized network opportunity for sharing the expertise of water professionals worldwide in the view of promoting innovative shared visions with respect to conference topics and shaping the future of water management. After two successful past editions, in Mexico and China, the 3rd edition of the conference will take place in June 2022 in Italy and will be hosted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. The conference will bring together academia, industry, water utilities, policy makers and other stakeholders of the water sector.


  • Innovative technologies and practices related to water, wastewater and sludge disinfection
  • Emerging pathogens and disinfection by-products, antimicrobial resistance
  • Biostability control in drinking water and wastewater reuse
  • Formation, fate and control of disinfection by-products
  • Monitoring, modelling and control for effective process management and optimization
  • Risk-based approaches for ecosystem quality and human health preservation
  • Nature-based and low-intensity solutions for water and wastewater disinfection
  • Water safe management in developing countries

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Andrea Turolla
Politecnico di Milano Italy
Manuela Antonelli
Politecnico di Milano Italy
Chao Chen
Tsinghua University China
Paul Chen
National University of Singapore Singapore
Wenhai Chu
Tongji University China
Haim Cikurel
Self-employed consultant Israel
Ludwig Dinkloh
Suez WTS Germany
Blanca Jiménez Cisneros
Emmanuel Mousset
CNRS France