15th IWA International Watershed & River Basin Management Conference – CANCELLED

  • Watershed

Due to insufficient registrations and abstract submissions the Watershed and River Basin Management Executive has decided to cancel the February 2020 Vietnam Conference. Alternative options will be announced soon.


  • Specific management issues and challenges in agricultural, industrial and urban watersheds for the achievement of WOFs objectives
  • Collaborative action and public participation in planning, implementation, and tracking of watersheds of the future objectives
  • Building resiliency in water resources management, including foreseen impacts of Climate Change
  • Integrated Surface and Ground Water Management
  • Public health issues in watershed and river management, including water use and reuse
  • Ecological and hydromorphological issues for a well-balanced watershed management
  • Integrated monitoring of water resources and environmental quality
  • Effect of emerging contaminants on water quality, ecology and public health
  • Circular Economy applications in the Water Sector, including local resources and materials recovery at basin scale
  • Sustainable alternative technologies for point source pollution management
  • Sustainable solutions for diffuse and groundwater pollution management
  • The announced Phosphorous crisis and its consequences on approaches and technologies for eutrophication management
  • Influence of rural and urban sanitation practices on the quality and availability of water resources in DCs
  • Improvement and innovation in water use, reuse and recycle practices and technologies for water-deficient and arid countries, including desalination and recovery of marginal water resources
  • Improving the resiliency to floods and droughts of highly populated urban and agricultural areas
  • Sustainable Development Goals achievements in water resources development and management in DCs
  • Basin-Connected Cities impact on rivers and watersheds

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
A.G. Capodaglio
D. Copetti
M. do Carmo Sobral
J. Riddiford
J. Fehér
S. Fujii
W.C. Koning
A. Ostfeld
J. Riddiford
H. Seingheng
C. Spier
United States Of America
W. Stringfellow
United States Of America
G. Tartari
A. Vicory
United States Of America
M. Weyand
Z. Yuan
Z. Zainudin
M. Zessner