16th International Specialised Conferences on Small Water and Wastewater Systems

Community Organizer:

Water is essential for all life forms It is a fundamental resource necessary for socio-economic development and for ecological sustainability.
Good quality water is becoming scarce due to population growth and associated residential and industrial development and pollution, particularly in towns and cities. It is timely that the sustainable management of water resources is widely discussed, noting that water can be recycled for an unlimited number of times after adequate treatment.
The conference will have topics regarding small systems (decentralised systems) which serves less than 100,000 population equivalent.
The conference will discuss and explore new and innovative methods of treatment, better understanding and assessment of resources and their supporting ecosystems, proper management for conservation and approaches to achieve the dual aim of economic development and ecological sustainability.
The focus is on the necessary infrastructure to provide good quality water, in sufficient quantity, in the most sustainable manner.


  • Source separated decentralized wastewater treatment
  • Experiences from developing countries
  • The role of small scale systems in livability
  • Treatment innovations
  • Operation and maintenance in remote locations and Aboriginal communities
  • Governance ,Policy and regulation
  • Resource recovery
  • Education , Training and Certification
  • Behavior change
  • Decentralized wastewater collection and treatment systems
  • Low technology treatment systems
  • Ecological sanitation
  • Biofilm reactors
  • Sequencing batch reactor
  • Operation and monitoring of small wastewater treatment plant
  • Wastewater reclamation and reuse
  • Sludge management
  • Nutrient removal
  • Rainwater use
  • Environmental microbiology & population dynamics
  • Constructed wetland systems
  • De-salination