11th IWA Efficient Urban Water Management Conference 2023

Local Organizer: Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives (IFTS)
Community Organizer:
  • Efficient urban water management

IWA Conference on Efficient Urban Water Management September 2023 | Bordeaux, France

Urban water professionals are facing unprecedented pressures. Customers demand ever-higher standards of water and sanitation services, regulators impose stricter directives, and shareholders seek better returns from massive infrastructure investments. On top of that, ecological pressures compel water managers to prioritize adaptability and sustainability. Faced with increasingly complex challenges, and growing threats like the 2020 covid-19 crisis, how can urban water and wastewater professionals continue to ensure efficiency?

In its continuous search for solutions, the International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Group for Efficient Urban Water Management will bring the 11th biennial IWA Efficient Conference to Bordeaux, France, in association with IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives – www.ifts-sls.com ). On 13 – 15 September, 2023, the conference will bring together a high-calibre urban water and wastewater professionals to reflect on shared challenges and to promote efficient solutions.


  • Planning & Implementation of water efficiency programs
  • Policies, legislation & regulatory issues
  • Economics of water efficiency, recycling and reuse
  • Climate change and drought adaptation
  • Community engagement, behaviour change and advice
  • Best management practices
  • Urban drainage & Stormwater
  • Benchmarking & evaluation and measurement
  • Water efficiency labelling and standards
  • Non-revenue water, leakage and pressure management
  • Water and energy nexus
  • Water recycling and reuse to reduce urban water demand
  • Efficiency of bulk supply systems
  • Water security & Crisis management
  • Water efficiency & Health
  • Innovation, technology and data management for water efficiency (capture smart meters, smart homes etc…)
  • Water neutrality and offsetting approaches for new urban development
  • Water management in riparian cities with tidal issues
  • Regenerative relationship between natural systems and human communities in agriculture

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Stuart White
Chair of the IWA Specialist Group Efficient Urban Water Management (EUWM), University of Sydney Australia
Roger Ben Aïm
Jean-François Berthoumieu
Water and Climate Cluster France
Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski
INSA Lyon, IWA F France
Bambos Charalambous
Hydroconsult, Chair Intermittent Water Supply IWA SG, IWA F Cyprus
Ricardo Cobacho
University of Valencia, Secretary of EUWM Spain
Francisco Cubillo
Aquarating, Past Chair of EUWM Spain
Mary-Ann Dickinson
Dickinson Associates, Past Chair of EUWM United States Of America
Alain Dupuy
ENSEGID University of Bordeaux France
Stuart Hamilton
Water Loss expert, IWA F United Kingdom
Roland Liemberger
Consultant, IWA F Austria
Bruno Nguyen
W-SMART, Chair Water Security & Safety Management IWA SG, IWA F France
Aaron Burton
Head of Water Efficiency and Demand Management, United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs United Kingdom