10th International Conference on Sewer Processes and Networks

Local Organizer: Institute of Urban Water Management and Landscape Water Engineering
Community Organizer:
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  • sewer
  • network
  • sewage
  • pollution
  • contaminant

Image © Markus Kaiser, Graz.


The International Conference on Sewer Processes and Networks (SPN) is held every 3rd year by the Sewer Systems and Processes Working Group under the IWA specialist group on Urban Drainage (Joint IAHR/IWA). The last of these conferences, the SPN 8 and SPN 9, were held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and in Aalborg, Denmark.

To underline the virtues of being a specialist conference there are no parallel tracks to allow all attendees to participate in discussions.

The topic areas have been selected to encompass all the scientific and technical areas (physical/chemical and biological processes, operation, monitoring and management) that are important for sewer networks. The topics cover pure scientific topics as well as more technical fields of interest, such as sewer asset management and inspection techniques.


  • Sewer system impacts
  • In-sewer processes
  • Design, re-design and operational issues
  • Monitoring and associated technologies
  • Inspection techniques to obtain information on the functioning of sewer systems
  • Emerging Issues and new technologies related to sewers

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Campisano Alberto
University of Catania Italy
Bertrand-Krajewski Jean-Luc
INSA Lyon France
Clemens Francois
Delatares NL Netherlands
Ertl Thomas
Boku Wien Austria
Ghani Aminuddin Ab
Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Gupta Kapil
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Joksimovic Darko
Ryerson University Canada
Langeveld Jeroen
TU Delft Netherlands
Matos Jose Saldanha
Technico Lisboa Portugal
Muschalla Dirk
TU Graz Austria
Penn Roni
Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Tait Simon
University of Sheffield United Kingdom
Vanrolleghem Peter
Université Laval Canada
Viklander Maria
Lulea tekniska universitet Sweden
Vollertsen Jes
Aalborg University Denmark
Gruber Günter
TU Graz Austria