BBC StoryWorks to produce film series for IWA

IWA is delighted to announce an exciting development for the association, and indeed the water industry in general. Our core objective is to help bring about a water-wise world. This ambition cannot be realized if we limit our reach and engagement to the professionals who study and practice the science of water management.

As you know, water is a vital public resource, which is depended on by every single individual in the world. And while everyone understands that we need water to survive, there is perhaps less clarity and understanding among the wider public of the challenges and opportunities we face.

This is why IWA is delighted to announce a compelling partnership in collaboration with BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, to showcase a number of short water-related documentaries, to be hosted on a dedicated microsite.

With the water sector at a critical inflection point, how do we build a future where water systems are safe, sustainable, and equitable, serving everyone – no matter where they live or who they are? Organisations around the world are applying ground-breaking research, technology and collaborative action to reshape the future of water. We’ll be part of the transformation.