February 26, 2016
Water Resource Recovery from IWA on Vimeo.
February 26, 2016
IWA urban drainage group from IWA on Vimeo.
February 26, 2016
IWA Water Safety Plans from IWA on Vimeo.
February 26, 2016
IWA Asia and Southeast Asia from IWA on Vimeo.
February 26, 2016
An inordinately high level of water losses – up to 50 per cent of water entering the distribution system – burdens water companies and customers in many developing countries. The culprit is non-revenue water (NRW): both real l...
February 8, 2016
Building resilience in economy and resources is an on-going challenge and goal of Lloret de Mar, a small and well-known tourist town on Spain’s Costa Brava. Lloret has two clearly distinguishable faces: in winter, it is a small ...
February 5, 2016
As water usage continues to exceed sustainable rates and greater quantities of pollutants come in contact with once pristine water sources, more people are becoming concerned as to where their water will come from. By 2030, the wo...
February 1, 2016
Driven by environmental, economic and ecological benefits, resource recovery from water draws worldwide attention. Increasingly, resources from waste streams are being recovered. Novel forms of existing resources are now abstracte...
As toxic mining waste spilled into the Rio Doce from a burst dam last November, Brazil’s president Dilma Rouseff proclaimed it “natural disaster”. Yet commentators from around the world agreed that what we were witnessing wa...
January 21, 2016
The full (economic, social and ecological) value of ecosystem services is often ignored or underestimated. As with the intangibly valuable, this is much a case of not appreciating the benefits that ecosystem services bring to our ...