October 26, 2017

IWA brandbook

The International Water Association (IWA) is a unique, global knowledge hub for water professionals and anyone concerned about the future of water. Our heritage positions us as the only truly global organisation for water professionals. Today, we face more challenges than ever before, which is why we need to be seen and recognised as the thought leaders we are.

The first step towards this recognition is consistent use of our brand. Achieving recognition from within and outside our organisation will greatly benefit the IWA’s shared goals: connecting people, sharing knowledge, innovating technology and leading practice.

We have developed this new brand manual as a practical guide for how to apply and use the IWA brand. This book also describes the IWA corporate story, vision and mission that the brand represents. The manual describes what the IWA brand is and how to apply it in your communications. Using the brand consistently will help strengthen the recognisability and reputation of the IWA.

We trust you will like the new look and feel, which will become more visible throughout all of our communications.
Together, with one strong voice, we will deliver a clear message to INSPIRE CHANGE.

Rui Veras

Marketing & Communications Director (Interim)
Rui Veras is a communications professional trained as a political scientist with a focus in international relations and global environmental governance. As a perception strategist he is keen on sustainable social evolution. He has developed his caree... Read full biography