Sarah Tibatemwa
|Africa Regional Director


Sarah has been Director of IWA Africa since January 2009. Her primary role includes, but is not limited to, supporting the implementation of IWA programmes and strategy in the region. These include working closely with other organisations within the Africa region to further the objectives of IWA.

Until January 2009, Sarah was the Quality Control manager with the Uganda National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Kampala. During her ten years with NWSC, she was in charge of water quality monitoring of several NWSC water service areas to ensure drinking water quality conformed to the National Drinking Water Quality standards; and that effluent from the various NWSC sewage treatment facilities met the National standards for effluent discharge. She was specifically in charge of Water Safety Plan development and implementation for NWSC. Her interest is the improvement of drinking Water Quality especially in low-income countries with particular interest in Water Safety Plans.

Sarah is a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Makerere University, Kampala, and a Master of Science degree in Water and Environmental Management from Loughborough University, UK.

Below Sara Tibatemwa explains the context of IWA’s work in Africa in 2014.