Katharine Cross and Raul Glotzbach


Katharine Cross is Programme Manager, Basins of the Future.

Katharine joined IWA in July 2012 as a Programmes Manager and leads the Basins of the Future programme, which centres on resource optimization within basins working with stakeholders across catchments from basin organizations to industry to utilities. She is based in Bangkok and is contributing to the development of the IWA regional programme for Asia-Pacific. She has a technical background in water resources, environmental management and climate change adaptation, and previously worked for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as the Technical Coordinator for Water and Wetlands in Eastern and Southern Africa, and at the headquarters in Switzerland in the Global Water Programme. She has also worked as an environmental scientist for a consulting company in the oil and gas sector in Canada, and on technical projects in Bolivia and Ghana with Engineers Without Borders.


Raul Glotzbach is Programme Officer, Basins of the Future Programme

Raul is a graduate from the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), where he did his MSc in International Land and Water Management. Raul also has a background in international development studies, anthropology and sociology. Raul joined IWA as an intern for the Basins of the Future programme, pushing forward IWA’s efforts around the food-water-energy nexus through the ‘Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions’. In his current position as Programmes Officer, Raul continues to contribute to the water sector under the portfolio of the Basins of the Future Programme, working on a number of projects dealing with climate change resilience and basin management.

Raul has a keen interest in working on projects that allow him to further develop and explore his interest in the field of land and water management from catchment to consumer. He enjoys interacting with people of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to continue to expose himself to the many ideas, beliefs, values and behaviours that help him develop and diversify his own experience. Raul is fluent in English and has a basic working knowledge of French and Dutch.