Joao Grilo
Global Events & Awards Director


Joao is an Environmental Engineer and has an MSc in Environmental Engineering (Management and Environmental Systems) from the Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal. Joao is inspired by the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world, where the needs of present generations are met without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs. At IWA, he supported the creation of the programme of the World Water Congress and Exhibition 2014, and worked as an officer on the thematic programmes Cities of the Future, and Water, Climate & Energy. Prior to IWA, he worked in research and R&D before graduating, and as a consultant after graduation.

In his role as IWA Events & Awards Director, Joao is responsible for all aspects of planning and execution of the  IWA Events and Awards strategy, managing the IWA events around the world and mobilizing and managing financial resources for IWA events.