Ganesh Pangare
Asia-Pacific Regional Director


Ganesh is a fellow of the London-based Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) International Programme, the Ashoka Innovators for the Public Program based in Washington, and the East-West Centre, Hawaii.

Prior to joining IWA , Ganesh was the Head of the Ecosystem and Livelihoods Group and the Head of the Water Programme of the IUCN Asia Regional Office. Prior he was Associate Coordinator at the International Secretariat of the Water Dialogues, United Kingdom and served as Technical Director, World Water Institute, India.

Ganesh has published more than 12 books on water related issues and has articles published in a wide range of distinguished journals and magazines. He has been quoted in Time magazine, written for Nature, and has publications with IFPRI, ADB and other international organisations. As an amateur photographer capturing wildlife and human interest, Ganesh has also had development images published in various international magazines and books.

Below Ganesh Pangare explains the importance of Groundwater in the Southeast Asia region.