Charles Joseph
Strategy and Insights Manager


Dr. Charles is from Kerala, India and has been working with IWA for the past 4 years. He started his professional career with IWA as the India Operations Manager, back in September 2018. He had quite an interesting journey with IWA, especially in enabling strategic partnerships, building the membership base and bringing visibility to IWA. He later, became the South Asia Operations Manager with a focus on India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, in turn helping to anchor partnerships, assisting capacity-building programs and empowering National Chapters in the region to conduct workshops, and seminars for their water professionals, through enabling dialogues between various stakeholders in the water sector, nationally and internationally. He has worked with key agencies in the region and has facilitated networking, partnerships, and knowledge/technology transfers between academia and industry.

He has an academic background in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a Master’s and PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. His thesis was “The Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste using Bioreactor Landfill Technology and modelling the contamination from an Open Dumpsite”, and it focuses on the remediation of a legacy dumpsite in the City of Chennai. During his tenure at IIT Madras, he has been part of various National and International Consultancy projects related to water and the environment, with a wide range of focus on the Design of water and wastewater treatment plants, Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainable & low-cost treatment solutions and so on.