Camille Fong
Intern for Basins of the Future Programme


Camille Fong recently joined IWA as part of the Basins of the Future Programme, working specifically on the Flood and Drought Management Tool project, Preparing for Extreme And Rare events in coastaL regions and water-energy-food nexus dialogues.

She graduated with an environmental engineering degree from McGill University in Canada. Through her academic and professional experiences, she has developed a great interest in the use of integrated water resources management approach in the water sector.

Passionate about water and its opportunities, Camille travelled around the world to get a better understanding of the current water sector.
She worked on ecological urban wastewater treatment in Germany, moved to Switzerland to work on passive sampling for the effective monitoring of pollutants in water, and she also worked closely with EAWAG/Sandec on designing household water treatment systems in Nepal. In this specific project, she applied design thinking method to deliver a more effective, human-centered service.  Yet, her journey didn’t stop there; she flew to India in 2015 to support the implementation of rural sanitation models. Her willingness to learn more about effective water management brought her to the Netherlands.