2D Water Modelling with HEC-RAS

Australian Water School Modelling

Target Audience

Water professionals with basic experience on HEC-RAS or actively searching for an opportunity to increase their competence in this model


Master the powerful features of HEC-RAS to build 2D models through the new versions additional features and tools, with improved modelling capabilities and faster run times. Includes up to one hour of optional one-on-one screen-sharing time with the instructor to assist with troubleshooting or to set up or optimise your own project model.

This course consists of interactive, training and mentoring sessions. Krey will step you through the building of a flood model from scratch using RAS Mapper. Attendees will run, animate, interpret and troubleshoot their model.

Topics covered include:

Adding 2D mesh refinement areas
Adding individual culvert coordinates
Adding variable time steps
Adding internal boundary conditions
Generating rating curves
New options for exporting results

Learning Objectives