Water Modelling with HEC-RAS (1D)

Australian Water School Modelling

Target Audience

Water professionals with basic experience with HEC-RAS or interest to master this tool


Master the powerful features of the newly released HEC-RAS version 5.0.4!
You will build 1D models entirely within RAS Mapper, without requiring third-party software.

These interactive, mentoring sessions provide a unique opportunity to ask questions specific to your own models. Your presenter, Krey Price, is a highly experienced HEC-RAS user with extensive software development and lecturing experience. His career includes 15 years of developing hydraulic models for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This course consists of interactive, training and mentoring sessions. Krey will step you through the building of a flood model using RAS Mapper. You will then run, animate, interpret and troubleshoot your model.

Topics covered include:

Setting up RAS Mapper
Adding alignments
Adding bank lines
Adding Cross-Section locations
Adding spacially varying roughness
Generating 1D HEC-RAD Geometry File from RAS Mapper
Viewing 1D results in RAS Mapper

Learning Objectives