Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management Course

PUB Singapore Water Academy

Target Audience

Engineers or scientists with at least 5 years of experience in drainage operations and planning, stormwater management, and sustainable urban design.


The Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management course is taught by leading local and international practitioners, including Prof Herbert Dreiseitl, Director of Liveable Cities Lab at Ramboll Group; and Mr Tan Nguan Sen, PUB’s Chief Sustainability Officer. In addition, we have planned for an exclusive dialogue with Mr Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs at Kingdom of the Netherlands, United Nations.

The course will cover the key issues in stormwater and catchment management, such as drainage planning and operations, managing flood risk and improving flood resilience. The first part of the course starts with an overview of Singapore’s approach to sustainable urban stormwater management, and this will be followed by a deeper look by international trainers at how other global regions/ cities such as Hong Kong, UK and Australia adapt for flood resilience.

The second part of the course will look at PUB’s Active Beautiful and Clean Waters (ABC Waters) programme, describing the vision and strategic objectives of adoption by the public, via a People, Private, Public (3P) partnership, with site visits to iconic projects such as the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Waterways Ridges at Punggol (a public housing project). The course then concludes with a review of the global adoption of water sensitive urban design, and how different cities have applied a holistic integration of landscape and drainage design.

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Learning Objectives

Singapore’s Approach to Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management
• Overview of PUB’s approach to sustainable urban stormwater management through an integrated source-pathway-receptor approach
• Developing regulations and policies to aid in drainage development and leveraging on technology for drainage operations
• Vision and strategic objectives of the ABC Waters Programme and the adoption by the public via a people, private, public (3P) partnership
• Site visits to various drainage solutions implemented by Singapore, including the Marina Barrage, Singapore’s first reservoir in the city

Adapting Cities for Flood Resilience
• The growing impact of Climate Change and challenges of urban stormwater management
• Understanding the causes and risks of urban flooding, evaluating options and implementing sustainable solutions to manage stormwater in urban cities
• Promoting integrated flood risk management solutions through stakeholder engagement and policy development

Water Sensitive Urban Design for Sustainable Cities
• Key design features, philosophy and approach behind a water sensitive city based on a holistic integration of landscape and drainage design
• Crafting urban infrastructure that supports a resilient and beautiful urban ecosystem through influencing policy and engaging public to implement WSUD, including benchmarking and decision making
• Site visits to iconic ABC Waters projects such as the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Waterways Ridges at Punggol (a public housing project)

Sharing of Best Practices Around the World
• Gain insights into flood risk management from other countries, such as Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom, and understand the role of governance and stakeholder engagement in improving flood resilience for urban environments
• Dialogue to discuss the role of water in creating future-ready communities, based on the Dutch experience of integrated water management
• Panel discussions with local and international experts