Online Team Leadership Course for Young Water Professionals

Australian Water Association

Target Audience

This course is for Young Water Professionals (35 or under). You must be able to read and write fluently in English to participate in the course.

The primary target audience is water professionals who currently lead project teams and/or a team of staff. In particular, the course would be most helpful to newly appointed team leaders and people who lead cross-boundary teams (e.g. teams that cross boundaries in terms of geography, professional discipline, culture, organisational units, etc.).


Effectively leading teams can be difficult, especially when leaders need to exert influence across boundaries without much authority. Young Water Professionals (YWPs) can also find themselves in the ‘team leadership hot seat’ early in their careers without the tools, experience and confidence to excel.

This five week, online short course aims to equip YWPs with the knowledge and skills they need to become outstanding team leaders. The course will utilise a variety of media and interactive activities (e.g. videos, readings, online discussions and quizzes) to help you engage with the course content. The course will explore the following themes:

• An introduction to leadership in the water sector.
• An introduction to leadership development.
• An introduction to ‘self-leadership’ as the foundation for all other forms of leadership development.
• Guidance on team leadership, including fundamental concepts, tools and tips.
• Additional guidance on leading cross-boundary teams in the water sector, including virtual teams.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Understand what leadership is, how it differs from management and problem-solving, and why it is important in the water sector.
• Understand and apply principles of self-leadership.
• Use principles and methods to guide their own development as emerging water leaders.
• Use new frameworks, models, tips and tools to improve their team leadership performance, especially when leading cross-boundary teams.