Online Course on Partnerships for Water Supply and Sanitation

IHE Delft Water Supply and Sanitation

Target Audience

Professionals from water-related institutions, such as governmental bodies, NGOs, consultancy firms, academic and research institutions, and water utilities


This course discusses the rationale of partnerships in the water sector, gives characteristics and functionalities of different partnership modalities and explains how to successfully manage them. Study subjects include partnership options, financing, best practices, trends, private and public sector perspectives, managing partnerships.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
– Discuss the rationale and history of partnerships in the water sector.
– Differentiate between types of water partnerships and evaluate their suitability for a given context.
– Describe the different stages of the partnership process and identify possible challenges.
– Validate the importance of water provision that is both efficient and equitable.
– Apply the necessary skills for proper management of the partnership process.