Online Course on Industrial Resource Management and Cleaner Production

IHE Delft Cleaner Production

Target Audience

The course on Cleaner Production and the Water Cycle is directed at engineers and scientists working in the urban or industrial water field and wanting to have a better grasp at the efficient dealing with water. As such the module is of interest to engineers and scientists in the fields of urban, municipal and industrial sanitation, water-related chemistry, biologists, water resources, process design, and implementation, etc.


This online course introduces the concept of Cleaner Production in the context of the water cycle in general and water management in particular. The course focuses on the careful use of the resource water and brings in various tools that can aid saving water.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
1. Suggest options for preventing pollution in the urban and industrial settings
2. Analyze the responsibilities of companies for their impact on environmental resources and assess the environmental impact of products and processes
3. Suggest treatment/disposal methods for industrial wastewater from which the value has been taken out
4. Understand the importance of environmental management systems in the industrial context
5. Indicate how the sustainable use of resources can be beneficial for reducing environmental burden(s)
6. Analyze the different system tools that support industrial ecology and make basic calculations related to life cycle analysis
7. How can products designed for sustainability contribute towards the circular economy of a country