Online Course on Industrial Effluent Treatment

IHE Delft Industrial Effluent Treatment

Target Audience

Mid-career professionals dealing with the technical, environmental, and management aspects pertaining to industrial pollution control, wastewater treatment, residuals/waste minimization, and disposal and reuse.


The focus of this course is on management of industrial wastewater including topics such as cleaner production, industrial water management, toxicity, physical chemical processes, anaerobic industrial wastewater treatment, and sludge management and treatment.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
Define cleaner production and explain the advantages and disadvantages of applying cleaner production activities
Implement cleaner production activities on a selected industrial sector
Describe industrial water management strategies for pollution prevention including the planning and performance of water audits, the implementation of waste minimization plants, and the adequate selection of
wastewater treatment technology
Implement industrial water management strategies for pollution prevention on a selected industrial sector
Define industrial effluent toxicity and identify problems associated with industrial effluent toxicity
Illustrate how to measure industrial effluent toxicity and explain alternatives to deal with toxic effluent streams
Define the most commonly applied wastewater treatment technologies for industrial wastes and classify the technologies based on the conventional series of primary, secondary, tertiary, and in-plant treatment