MSc Freshwater Quality Monitoring and Assessment

University College Cork Master of Science


The Masters in Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment focuses on all aspects of water quality monitoring including; monitoring programme design, quality assurance, data handling, monitoring and assessment of rivers, lakes and groundwater, biological and ecological methods for water quality monitoring and water quality monitoring technology. There will also be an opportunity to take part in a Field Workshop in a designated developing country during the second year of the course.

This course is aimed at high level staff involved in water quality monitoring in developing countries, especially those who are part of the UN Environment GEMS/Water network. These may be staff responsible for the training of water quality monitoring technicians, staff in a university who are responsible for training students in water quality monitoring practices or staff who run monitoring programmes in national or regional laboratories. This course is also very relevant to Irish and EU students who wish to specialise in water quality monitoring and assessment, and study online on a flexible part-time basis.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, students should be able to: outline the steps involved in designing a monitoring programme and the different factors that must be considered in each step of the design; identify appropriate monitoring approaches in relation to monitoring objectives; select suitable methods for use in the field and laboratory and perform sampling and analytical procedures; produce a quality assurance plan for a monitoring programme; analyse monitoring data using a range of graphical, statistical and GIS-based approaches and write a water quality assessment report suitable for technical and non-technical audiences.