Management of micropollutants in the urban water cycle

INRA, IRSTEA Micropollutants

Target Audience

PhD students or postdoc active in the area of micropollutants (eg sampling, chemical and toxicological assessment, fate, removal and modelling) and coming from universities, research centers, private companies, and from various countries in the world


This short, intensive and highly specialized course is focused on priority and emerging micropollutants in wastewater (including sludge) and wastes systems (including biowastes, green wastes, manures…). Aspects related to the policies, the sources, occurrence and fate in water and wastes, treatment technologies (process, models, microbiology) and ecotoxicological impact of micropollutants will be tackled. Students attending this Training School will get the insights on the up to date results/hot topics on these fields.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to (i) identify the bottlenecks in the micropollutant management and where future researches are needed and (ii) propose emerging technological solutions knowing advantage/disadvantage and select the best option according to their own context.