Introductory e-Course on Climate Change

UN CC:Learn Climate change

Target Audience

The course provides clear, concise and up-to-date information for anybody interested in obtaining a general understanding about climate change. The course should be of particular interest to the following audiences:
- Civil servants in national ministries, provincial departments and local authorities;
- Environmental managers in private sector and civil society organizations;
- Faculty, researchers and students;
- Interested citizens


This e-course provides “everything you need to know” about the basics of climate change. It is divided into six modules

The course is structured around six basic modules.
Basic modules:
1. Climate Change Science
2. International Legal and Policy Framework for Climate Change
3. Climate Change Adaptation
4. Climate Change Mitigation
5. Climate Change Finance
6. Planning for Climate Change

Once all 6 modules are completed with above 70% of passing scores individually, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can decide to take all modules or choose to select those that most interest you.

All modules are available as PDF and PowerPoint Presentation for offline study or training purposes. The modules also include links to other UN resources on climate change, which provides a gateway to more in-depth and specific information.

Learning Objectives

– Explain the fundamentals of climate change science
– Present the international climate change legal and policy framework and explain key issues under negotiation
– Describe the expected consequences of climate change and the role of adaptation.
– Provide a rationale for climate change mitigation and propose actions in key sectors.
– Identify main streams of climate change finance.
– Outline basic elements of planning processes to deliver climate change action.
– Analyse principal challenges and opportunities for climate change action.