Infrastructure asset management in light of ISO 5500x standards

National Laboratory for Civil Engineering, Portugal Asset management

Target Audience

Registration for this Training is open to all delegates registered to the World Water Congress working in an infrastructure asset management.

to administrators and engineers of public services,
research institutions,
ministries and government agencies,
decision makers and
all those managing and operating water infrastructure assets

Expected level of expertise of participants:
Basic water sector knowledge
proficiency in English Language


In a world driven by the need for water systems that 1) contribute to circular economy,2) are resilient to climate change and 3) promote equity, well-being and economic growth, effective infrastructure asset management is an essential tool. Infrastructure asset management is an art of balancing performance, cost and risk in the long term, whilst maximizing the value of these assets for the utilities. To achieve this balance, a multidimensional approach that combines management, engineering principles, good business practices and economic theory is required.

Learning Objectives

Framed by the IWA recommended approach and based on the ISO55x standards, the course will introduce key principles and practices of good asset management. Particular attention will be given to the establishment and use of a sound assessment system that is a) driven by your organisation’s objectives and b) able to support the diagnosis, to set up needs and priorities of intervention, to select options of intervention, as well as for monitoring the effects of implementing them.

After this training, you will:

Understand the Concept of Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) in light of ISO 5500x and its application in urban water services.
Be able to apply the principles of IAM in urban water services with a focus on developing a sound assessment system
Be able to select appropriate approaches, techniques and methodologies for the implementation of IAM based on the assessment