How to use Activated Sludge Models in Practice

IWA TG on Good Modelling Practices Modelling

Target Audience

This Training is part of the post World Water Congress Trainings. The training is open to delegates at an extra fee, and to non delegates.

Plant managers or operators
Water boards and

Expected level of expertise of participants:
Knowledge on wastewater treatment processes in general and activated sludge treatment plants in particular; Proficiency in English Language


There is an ample need for hands on practice of mathematical modelling of Activated Sludge plants. The two day (14 hr) modelling course provides detailed instruction on mathematical models, their structure and use in practice such as design, operation and control in activated sludge plants, and ample hands-on opportunity to use these models in a class-room setting. The learner will gain an understanding of structure of the IWA Activated Sludge Models (ASMs) and get a hands-on opportunity to use these models.

Learning Objectives

After the training, you will:
know and fully understand the principles of mathematical models for wastewater treatment plants,
understand the structure of the IWA Activated Sludge Models (ASMs) and their use in practice,
understand the requirements and needs for performing a simulation study for AS plants, and
be able to use a simulator for building, running and calibrating a model for a AS plants.