Groundwater Resources and Treatment

IHE Delft water resources management

Target Audience

The module specifically targets professionals in water treatment companies, consulting agencies, ministries and equipment suppliers.


This course is aimed at providing participants with theoretical background and practical expertise in the field of groundwater abstraction and treatment.

Course content

The course covers the following subjects:

– Ground Water Flow and Recovery: Theory of groundwater flow, Darcys law, confined and unconfined aquifers, geohydrological investigations, development of observation and production wells.
– Water Quality and Treatment: The use of water, water-born diseases, drinking water quality parameters and standards, introduction to water treatment processes, disinfection, removal of ammonia, colour, taste and odour, quality of groundwater, removal of iron manganese and nitrate, aggressive characteristics of water.
– Advanced Groundwater Treatment: Advanced concepts in the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, fluoride, methane, hydrogen sulphate and nitrate.
– Computer Exercise Groundwater Treatment: Computer programmes will be used to optimise design of conventional groundwater treatment plants and examine the applicability of adsorptive iron removal.
– Laboratory Course on Water Chemistry: Colorimetric analysis of ammonia, phosphate, pH measurements, acidity, alkalinity and hardness, determination of chlorine in water, breakpoint chlorination, iron, arsenic, fluoride and nitrate analysis, iron(II) oxidation.
– Excursion: Field visit to groundwater treatment plants in The Netherlands.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
– Assess if given (ground)water is aggressive against materials used in water a supply system and propose appropriate neutralisation technique.
– Assess the overall quality of a given groundwater.
– Establish an appropriate treatment approach for groundwater containing commonly occurring impurities and pollutants including iron, manganese, ammonia, fluoride, and hydrogen sulfate.
– Understand advanced groundwater treatment approaches applied in The Netherlands