Delivering Regulatory Excellence in the Water-Energy Nexus

International Centre of Regulatory Excellence (ICORE) Water regulation

Target Audience

Registration for this Training is open to all Delegates registered to the World Water Congress working in the water-energy nexus

The following professionals working in the water-energy nexus
• water regulators,
• water-policy makers,
• decision makers and
• advisors in firms


The water-energy nexus represents the interlinkages between water supply and energy development.
Energy systems like hydrocarbons, nuclear energy, hydroelectricity and renewables require water.
Their development interacts with and can alter the water systems they depend on. These alterations
can diffuse into other sectors like environmental protection, municipal supply, water for recreation,
and agriculture. Trade-offs between benefits and risks are made by regulatory agencies acting in the
public interest to manage these impacts. This is difficult work. Success demands excellence in water
regulation. But what makes an excellent regulator? In short, the attributes are integrity, competence,
and empathy. In this seminar, the attributes of regulatory excellence are defined and their application
to problems in regulation in the water-energy nexus will be demonstrated. Case studies and practical
examples will be presented as well as theory, so participants will take away new ideas and tools to improve their own regulatory frameworks.

Draft Schedule

0730-0800: Registration and welcome pre-session quiz.
0800-0900: Water challenges in the Water-Energy Nexus
0900-1000: The Regulatory Excellence Model (RegX)
1000-1030 : Networking and Reflection Break
1000-1100: the Regulatory Excellence Model (RegX) Continued
1100-1200: Nexus Case Study I: What can go wrong and the Case for Change
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1400: Nexus Case Study II: What can go right and how the RegX Model Applies
1400-1500: How to Apply the RegX Model to Regulatory Situations in the Water-Energy Nexus
1500-1530: Networking and Reflection Break
1530-1600: Roundtable Sharing on Own Experiences through the RegX Lens.
1600-1630: Post-session quiz and certificates of completion

Learning Objectives

• be able to apply principles of the Regulatory Excellence Model.
• be able to isolate the parts of the model most relevant to your home situation and do a gap analysis within your own regulatory context (no matter what or how you regulate)
• learn about how emergent and renewable geo-energy resources like shale gas, geothermal energy, and carbon-capture and storage tie to regulatory and operational challenges in water supply, wastewater treatment and disposal, and watershed/aquifer stewardship.
• get insight into how excellent regulators balance the competing triple-bottom line objectives in the water-energy nexus.