Advanced Course on Energy Positive Wastewater Treatment – POWERSTEP SUMMER SCHOOL

TU Wien & POWERSTEP EU Partners renewable energy, energy efficiency, wastewater treatment

Target Audience

- Second stage, post graduate and doctoral students (civil/environmental engineering or similar)
- Young water professionals (YWP) from consulting companies
- Utilities and equipment suppliers in the wastewater industry
- WWTP managers
- Energy consultants
Knowledge on general wastewater treatment processes is required.


The POWERSTEP Summer School aims at distributing expertise from innovative and cutting-edge research in the field of energy-positive wastewater treatment. In the EU-funded project POWERSTEP, a consortium of 15 partners is working together to create a real paradigm shift in the wastewater sector. Brought together by the POWERSTEP Summer School, a variety of these experts, coming from research institutions and industry, will illustrate the four distinct interconnected strategies investigated in POWERSTEP to turn wastewater treatment plants into net energy producers.

These demonstrated strategies include:
#01 Carbon extraction for energy recovery into biogas
#02 Nitrogen removal in the main stream
#03 Biogas valorisation and efficient energy management
#04 Nitrogen management in side stream

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to
– convey the role of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) as a renewable source of energy and demonstrate the concept of energy-producing WWTPs
– state the main technological concepts applied to to improve the energy balance of wastewater treatment plants and mitigate associated greenhouse gas emissions
– describe potential design schemes of carbon neutral WWTPs
– explain the concept of integrating WWTPs into the energy market and their potential as a flexible energy source