3d Advanced course on Innovative Wastewater Treatment and Mathematical Modelling

University of Palermo wastewater treatment and mathematical modelling

Target Audience

For professionals (Master, PhD or equivalent experience) in wastewater treatment and mathematical modelling. The course is primarily aimed at those already employed in industry who wish to up-date their theoretical knowledge and practical insight in this field.


The course will provide a comprehensive overview and a discussion platform for recent advances and trends currently under development in the context of wastewater treatment and modelling.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course students should be able to:
i. identify the key peculiarities of each advanced wastewater treatment discussed during the course (Hybrid biofilm/activated sludge systems; membrane biorecators);
ii. identify the key operating factors affecting the pollutants removal efficiency for each of the advanced treatments;
iii. understand how to model the biological/physical processes occurring during the wastewater treatment.

Regarding this latter aspect, students will be able to:
i. formulate mathematical models of WWTPs on the basis of their scope;
ii. communicate about WWTPs using mathematical models;
iii. identify the appropriate methods to solve mathematical models and obtain valid solutions;
iv. Control WWTPs by adopting mathematical modes.