17th Specialised Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems and 9th Specialised Conference on Resources Oriented Sanitation (POSTPONED – PENDING DATE)

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Community Organizer: , No

We are honoured to invite you to participate in the joint 17th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems (SWWS) and the 9th IWA Specialised Conference on Resources Oriented Sanitation (ROS) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from the 13th to the 17th of September 2020. The event is being organized by seven of the most important Brazilian research and higher-education institutions that comprise the National Institute of Science and Technology on Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plants (INCT Sustainable STPs): Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul, Universidade de São Paulo and Instituto Superior de Administração e Economia (ISAE). The joint SWWS/ROS 2020 conference will focus on themes related to sustainable management of water and wastewater, the latest advances in decentralized systems and innovative technologies for small-scale resource recovery solutions. You can also join our pre-conference short courses. It will be a good opportunity to get to know the cultural diversity of this continental country. We look forward to welcoming you at the joint SWWS/ROS 2020 Conference!


  • Small water and wastewater systems
  • Sanitation solutions for rural communities
  • Non-sewered systems
  • Source-separation systems
  • Eco-solutions for wastewater treatment
  • Nutrients removal and recovery
  • Management of sludge from water and wastewater systems
  • Energy efficiency in water and wastewater systems
  • Biogas management and energy recovery
  • Odour control and policies and regulations
  • Monitoring and removal of emerging contaminants and pathogens
  • Water reuse (rain water harvesting, use of treated wastewater etc.)
  • Microbial ecology and ecotoxicology
  • Process modeling
  • Management and planning tools (LCA, risk assessment, sustainability index, macro-planning etc.)
  • Education, training and certification
  • Social aspects, environmental policies and regulations

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Prof. Paula Paulo (chair)
Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil
Prof. Germán Buitrón (co-chair)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico
Professor Joseph V Thanikal
RICS School of Built Environment India
Prof. André Bezerra Santos
Federal University of Ceará Brazil
Prof. Elizabeth A. Edwards
University of Toronto Canada
Prof. Eran Friedler
Israel Institute of Technology Israel
Prof. Eveline Volcke
Ghent University Belgium
Prof. Florent Chazarenc
Ecole des Mines de Nantes France
Prof. Francesco Fatone
University of Verona Italy
Prof. Francis de los Reyes III
North Carolina State United States Of America
Prof. Guenter Langergraber
BOKU University Austria
Prof. Jules van Lier
Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Prof. Lourdinha Florêncio
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco Brazil
Prof. Mariska Ronteltap
IHE Unesco Netherlands
Prof. Matthew Kuruvilla
Murdoch University Australia
Prof. Miguel Peña Varón
Universidad del Valle Colombia
Prof. Raul Muñoz
University of Valladolid Spain
Prof. Sérgio Aquino
Federal University of Ouro Preto Brazil
Prof. Thammarat Koottatep
Asian Institute of Technology Thailand